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Sunday, March 21, 2010

48 Hours at Kings Camp

My wife Vanessa and I just spent the most phenomenal weekend at King's Camp in the Timbavati reserve.

Our guide Colbert was one of the most enthusiastic guides I have came across in more than 10 years in the safari industry. He had a great sense of humour and loved to share his vast knowledge of Africa. Our first “big” sighting was of a herd of buffalo numbering more than 400 individuals drinking at a dam. After viewing and photographing these massive bovids for some time we left in search of some Timbavati lions.

Unfortunately we never had a chance to see the famous “white” lions of the Timbavati but had a great sighting of one of the “Timbavati Boys” (a coalition consisting of 3 males) and 2 females. We watched the felines gracefully wake up and started their evening hunt.

We woke up with great excitement the next morning and after a cup of hot coffee headed out on our second drive. Colbert and his tracker Sam found fresh tracks of a rhino bull and after tracking this massive beast for some time we came across a magnificent specimen of a rhino. We viewed and photographed the rhino and then headed off in search for some predators.

Minutes later we watched a beautiful female leopard sitting high up a Marula tree. Every now and then something caught her attention she would sit up and stared into the distance and allowed us all great photographic opportunities.

We left on our afternoon safari with great excitement. Shortly after leaving camp we came across a very heavily pregnant female leopard. We followed her for some time when she took us straight to a massive impala that she killed a couple of days before. Our next sighting was of a hyena at a small waterhole perfectly backlit by the afternoon sunset.

After our sun downer, sipping Gin and Tonics watching the African sun setting over the savannah, we headed back to camp. On our way back we came across a female leopard and her 2 approximately 7 month old cubs at a small waterhole. The cubs caused great excitement and watching these little predators was definitely a highlight of our stay.

On our last morning we got woken up by the most impressive sound in the African bush, rain!! We decided to spend the morning enjoying our spacious and comfortable room and after yet another great breakfast headed home.I can highly recommend King's Camp to anybody wishing to visit Africa. The camp is beautiful and the managers Warren and Lisha Moore runs a very smooth operation,


Chad Cocking said...

glad you had a good trip marius, and got to see some of my animals...although i am a bit bummed you got to see those leopard cubs and im still waiting to see them!!! Those two lionesses you saw caught a baby buffalo from that large herd last night, not a big meal, but still nice to see! sorry you missed out on white lions, you'll just have to come visit the timbavati again one day!


Benny and Lily said...

Benny & Lily